Rodney Amateur Radio Club - NZART Branch 71

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Testing a TLI wire: Three antennas in one
FAST! FT8 in THREE Minutes - Digi Modes Tutorial
A Meteor Explodes & A Total Solar Eclipse | Space Weather News 06.27.2019
My Homemade Dipole Antenna That Covers 40, 30, 20, 18, 15, 12, 10, 6 Meters
Ferrite Beads, Common Mode Chokes, RFI
Direct Hit After a Long Wait: Solar Storm Forecast 05-09-2019
Exceptional QRP VHF Contact, VRM-5080 and Magnetic Loop Project.
EFHW Antenna --- Building The Transformer
Fiberglass Poles for Ham Radio Antenna Deployment
Why is the Noise Floor Rising?
A Stormy New Year Celebration: Solar Storm Forecast 12-29-2018
WE6Z Ham Shack tour 2018
Solar Minimum and Ham Radio...
Portable Masts for Ham Radio
Amateur Radio Future - Network Radio - Zello PTT Apps?
WHAT sort of ANTENNA is THIS!? Quad Phased Parasitic Dog Leg Giraffe!
HF pedestrian mobile during 2018 Oceania DX Contest
My First Morse Code Radio Contact On VHF.
HF Ham Bands Are DEAD! WITH PROOF!!!!!
FCC DA 18-980 Chinese BaoFeng Radio Ban Will Regulate Amateur Operators
Solar Storm in Time For Hurricane Florence: Solar Storm Shortie 09-11-2018
DX Antenna - 2 Element Parasitic Array 40m band - 2 x Vertical Elements - BUILT and TESTED
A Touch Key for my uBITX Transceiver
Make your own capacitor with stuff from the kitchen
Cheap SOTA or Stealth 40m Antenna for 1,000m Footprint - Ham Radio Aerials
A Stormy Solar Minimum : Solar Storm Forecast 08-18-2018
K7OB 3D Printed Iambic Key & My Favorite Morse Code Learning Resources!
Ham Radio Shack Tours Episode #1 with K5TMT from Leander, Texas!
uBitx Wire Up
Lightning Protection and the Ham Radio Operator.
A Bright and Bumpy Ride: Solar Storm Shortie 08-05-2018
Baofeng UV-5R Radios Illegal? The Real Story - Ham Radio Q&A
Morse Code Song
A Spotless Sun Brings Aurora: Solar Storm Forecast 07-25-2018
Near Vertical incidence Skywave Propagation NVIS Antennas - Ham Radio Q&A
Ham Radio - Remote radio with a headless Raspberry PI
6-Band Ham Radio Vertical DX Commander Lite - Part 3
Tilting HAM Radio Tower
Two Storms and A Flare: Solar Storm Forecast 07-08-2018
Can You Lay Your Wire Antenna On The Ground And Make Contact?
The Mighty Rhombic, the King of Antennas
The 49:1 Half-Wave End-Fed Antenna Transformer, Part 1.
Propagation Prediction with
EEVblog #1089 - XTAL Oscillator Teardown
Bullying in Amateur Ham Radio - has it stopped (yet)?
Ham Radio - 630 meter band RX magloop in a hula hoop
Amateur Ham Radio Shack Totally Destroyed by Lightning
Laurel and Hardy in Hog Wild (How not to for antennas)
Ham Radio - Tips for new hams. Signal reporting and the RST system
Woops! I did a talk at an Amateur Radio Club :)
Late Night Ham Radio Contest QSOs | Icom 7300
KW Viceroy SSB transmitter 1964/1965
Testing the new MFJ-1708SDR in the CQ WW WPX SSB Ham Radio Contest
DIY Telescopic Pole 1/4WL Elevated Vertical Antenna for Ham Radio
Ham Radio Antennas - Verticals or Dipoles - so what's best?