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WARD 2014 World Amateur Radio Day

This day is celebrated each year on April 18 in recognition of the anniversary of the founding of the IARU in Paris in 1925.

The primary purpose of WARD, as stated in IARU Resolution 94-3, is the “need for an annual focus on Amateur Radio and the benefits countries and communities derive from the service”.

Every year the IARU Administrative Council has attempted to select a theme both consistent with the role and purpose of amateur radio and at the same time representing a meritorious activity which, if promoted, could bring favourable credit to IARU and amateur radio generally.


At the Administrative Council meeting in September 2013, various topics were discussed and possible themes massaged. The theme “Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication” was put forward and after discussion was adopted by the Council for the forthcoming World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, 2014.

This is an opportunity for amateurs in VK to show there expertise in digital and wireless communications, to those in the community who have “wireless communication” interests, but haven’t considered the association with Amateur Radio.

How the day is promoted is a matter for the individual member society and or Region. There have been many varied ways the day is recognised in scope, complexity and success.

The AC discussed when the day falls on a weekday it is more difficult to observe and promote and the opportunities are somewhat diminished.

Council approved the idea that any public relations activities or operating events could appropriately take place the weekend following April 18 in those years when the actual date fell on a weekday.

Geoff Atkinson
IARU R3 Director