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Content Management


The content management software I am using to build this site with, allows for relatively easy updating of the content from anywhere in the world. This is true! I have built this website whilst out at sea, on a tuna fishing ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! It is then just a case of uploading to the servers a database file to perform any updates.

Once things are running well, I will hopefully (once I get back to NZ!) be able to meet up with Alan and Paul to instruct them in the ways of this site, and they can add updates as relevant too.

So, what I need from you all now is some comment on what you think of the site, and also, if you have any of the clubs history, the repeater history, any photos etc, and wouldn't mind sharing them, I would greatly appreciate them for inclusion on this site. That goes for any stories you perhaps might have, or technical articles or anything that would be of interest to the other members and the radio fraternity at large. 

Please, remember though that not everything may be working at this stage. Largely due to the fact that I am at sea more often than on land, and when I do get access to the internet in one of the island ports we go to unload, it can be a very slow, frustrating, and expensive exercise to upload content to the servers.

Just out of interest, so far I have found that Papua New Guinea has the best cellular network, with the cheapest calls, but internet is expensive. Also, it seems HF radio is widely used in PNG too! The Federated States of Micronesia has the best internet, and is even free at some of the hotels and bars, but the cellular network is not up to par with PNG or of course NZ!

So, please, bear this in mind.. Some files etc may take many hours to upload, and as such can only do them when in the FSM.. Of course, once I get home in September (Fingers Crossed!!!!) it will be much better and easier to build/update the website.

Items of interest and comments in general can be emailed to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.