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Website Update

Hi all, Just a quick note to let you know that after some issues were brought to my attention by a member, I have started to upgrade the website software as the current version is no longer supported. I am looking at several different options at present and will test the merits of them. I am hoping to include a blog, making it easier for the members to perhaps add their own articles etc. 



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Upcoming Contest



BANDS 80Metres (3.530 to 3.600MHz suggested) and 2Metres.


All stations must have a single operator who MUST be a member of one of the following NZART Branches:

78 Far North, 84 Bay of Islands, 28 Whangarei,
71 Rodney, 80 Hibiscus Coast, 29 North Shore.

Contacts within or between these Branches are the only ones eligible for points. Mobile/portable operation is permitted.


All stations may contact each other in each half hour period in up to four different modes:

  1. 80metres phone
  2. 80metres CW
  3. 2metres phone direct (simplex)
  4. 2 metres phone via repeater.

“Twice running” QSOs are permitted.

In mode(iv) only the Far North, Bay of Islands, Whangarei, Brynderwyn and Rodney repeaters are eligible for contacts.


RS(T) report – 2 digit serial number/Branch.e.g. 5901/28.


8Om phone =1, 80mCW = 3, 2m repeater =1, 2m direct(simplex) = 3
There are no multipliers or bonus points.


Date, time, mode/frequency (e.g. 80CW- 2m repeater etc), number sent,
number received, points claimed. A declaration that the contest rules have been complied with and of course your Callsign and Name. Legible logs please.

Logs to reach Contest Manager

Northland/North Shore Contest
P O Box 10-078
Te Mai

By the 28th of November 2016
(e-mail logs accepted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The club of the winner has the honour of organising the 2017 contest.

Only one hour of your time, two half hour sessions, quick and easy. Pick the mode(s) that suit you best , forget the TV and let’s hear veryone on the air our own contest.

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Straight Key Night 2015!

Hi all,

Polish and lubricate that old morse key and enjoy an evening of old time radio fun. An activity night in which everyone can be a winner with a certificate to prove it.

First Sunday in November 2000-2200 NZST in two one-hour periods


80 m (3..5 MHz) only


CW sent with STRAIGHT KEY ie characters formed manually, no system of automatic dots, dashes or spacing permitted.

1. Vintage QRP,
2. Vintage QRO,
3. Open QRP, and
4. Open QRO.


Vintage receivers and transmitters or transceivers using valves, no solid-state devices in the signal line permitted. QRP: 5 watts or less rf output.


1. RST,
2. QTH,
3. Operator's name (one word),
4. Key used (e.g. ZC1, P&T),
5. TX type (eg ZC1, FT1000, homebrew), and
6. TX power (watts).

Except for DX stations (ie non ZL mainland) only RST, operators name, and QTH need be exchanged.

Read more...

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Radio Classes Branch 29

Hi Everyone,

It has been proposed that the Branch run classes for students during the first week of the school holidays in July. This will be the week starting Monday the 6th., with the exam on Friday the 10th.

The venue being 400 East Coast Road., which has been booked in advance. More detailed information is available from Graham, ZL1GMB, who will be putting together the proposals for the training on each day, part of which will be the theory and the other radio related activities.

This is a general call for availability of tutors, bearing in mind, that they are working days for most and some of us  already have school holiday duties. If you are willing to help as a tutor, please let me know, copy to Graham, and if examiners are available for the Friday.

We will only go ahead with these courses if we have enough training resources to do so, so please let us know by email,. a.s.a.p. Tutors are not restricted to the  Branch 29 regular tutors, so if you know of anyone in our, or any other local Branch..

Kind regards,

Course co-ordinator.

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Rodney 730 Repeater Update

First of all I would like to thank Leith (Zl1BCJ) from the Mercury Bay Club as they are donating a low voltage disconnect device which will ensure we never get into this situation again.  
Today Cecil and I put another 3+ hours of Fast Charge into the 730 Repeater Batteries.   We now estimate that the repeater is around 60% charged.  This amount is still seriously low as this is only 20% of usable charge for a deep cycle battery. ( I.E. Anything < 50% is considered totally flat.
After making contact with David Donnelly (ZL1BOG) from AA Solar he confirmed that our battery bank is 400A/H.   Our current PV Solar Panel is only 120W (around < 80W is usable), which makes this totally under rated for such a large bank of batteries.   My suggestion is that we purchase a second 120W PV Panel ASAP subject to the maximum rating for our MPPT PV Regulator.  
I am also suggesting as per my last email, we purchase a monitor module which connects to the MPPT PV Regulator.  This will provide details of generated PV KW/H per day, current A/H charge rate, PV Voltage. PV Amps, and Battery Voltage.  I am also investigating the possibility of some form of remote monitoring (audio alerts / tail beeps etc) and the ability to turn the TX stage off remotely.  Thoughts/Comments?  
Once again, thank you everyone for your patience and thank you Cecil for all your knowledge and support. 
73 de Mike Conner - ZL1MRC
Following are photos of todays field expedition. 

Rodney 730 Repeater - PV Panel & Antenna

Rodney 730 Repeater - Charger in operation

Rodney 730 Repeater - Mike ZL1MRC & Cecil ZL2BCB A job well done!

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New Meeting Place!

Rodney Amateur Radio Club Inc (Br 71) has a new meeting place; it is in the “Meeting Room” of the New Wellsford Memorial Library.

This is a remarkable facility the building has 125 solar panels on the roof to generate its power and supply any surplus to the mains. There is under floor heating by water heated from solar power and it has four mini turrets’ with automatically controlled louvers. There are automatically controlled fans and lights.

The meeting room which is free of charge is about 4 by 4 metres. It contains four folding tables on castors with many chairs available. There is a data projector, a 50 inch TV with a DVD/Blue Ray Player. There is also a white board of the horizontal roller blind type.  The area with any writing can be wound around to the back and then be printed out on paper.

There is behind doors at one end a sink bench with a dish washer underneath. Tea Coffee and sugar are provided free.

This great facility for our meetings. Outside there are Charging points for Fully Electric cars. 

               Wellsford Memorial Library, Wellsford.

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Refreshed RSM website is coming!

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) will be launching a refreshed website in the coming weeks so we can offer improved services and search functionality to industry and consumers.

The restructured website will provide each RSM visitor with enhanced navigation to find the information and services they require.

The changes are in response to client feedback and evolving business requirements, and to more accurately reflect our regulatory, licensing and compliance work.  This will ensure that RSM’s work remains visible and relevant to consumers as well as the radio spectrum sector.

Our website address will remain

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